High Vibez

Foundations of Sound

Vibrational Therapies Workshop

Join us for an unforgettable journey into a realm of sound, where you’ll tap into the vibrational powers held by Djed, Magi, and ancient mystics using sound tools to enhance spiritual development, activate deep healing, and bring balance into your life.

Discover the fundamental healing properties of sound therapy and learn how to unleash the transformative powers of vibrational sound for greater creativity and well-being in our half-day introductory workshop.

Guided by the skilled High Vibez team, you’ll learn how sound frequencies reverberate through the body, clearing stagnant energy and aligning energy centres, also known as chakras. Share in the knowledge of where the very essence of the universe is speaking through harmonious Solfeggio frequencies, vibrations from hand-crafted instruments, tuning forks and crystal tones, offering an insight into the interconnectedness of all things.

Along this journey of sound therapy, our workshop participants will learn ways to harness the magical powers within themselves. Like the magi of old, students will discover that sound holds the key to unlocking hidden potentials and transcending perceived limitations. This workshop will see participants emerge refreshed and rejuvenated, carrying with them the tools to unlock doors of transformation, and the newfound skills to embark on a journey of self-discovery.


The principles for using sound tools:

  • Solfeggio tuning forks for restorative health
  • Chakra balancing for restoring alignment of the nervous system
  • Shamanic drumming for Journeying
  • Gong energy shifting
  • Voice toning for internal tuning
  • Sound bowl binaural harmonics for brain entrainment
  • Sound tools for activation of healing pathways:
  • Relieve physical ailments, as the body finds balance and harmony
  • Reduce mental chatter, paving the way for clarity and insight
  • Release pent-up tension and trauma, allowing emotions to flow freely
  • Reveal innate wisdom on a soul level, to reconnect with the higher self

The Details

27th April – 1–5pm (4hrs)
The Space, Unit 3B, 9 Park Hill Clapham
(Optional sound bath from 5-6pm)

     The Journey Begins:

    Introduction to Sound

    The Principles of Sound Healing: The first workshop in a series in our ‘Foundations of Sound Workshop’ events. This half-day course will provide students with a good foundation of knowledge about why vibrational frequencies and in particular those in the range of hearing, plus those we can feel, can be a benefit to our well-being. In this short course, you will learn about the scientific principles of sound therapy, as well as gain a wider perspective of the ancient Vedik, Daoist, and Hermetic nature principles, which have influenced Greek, Roman, Celtic, Essenic, Gnostic, Rosicrucian, Chaldean mysticism, also related to modern forms of Jewish mysticism’s Kaballah. 

    In essence, the world that existed before, had a collective understanding of the workings of nature, how the subtle energies in the ‘ether’ and planetary positionings, can all influence the body, mind and influence societal changes in time.

    Along with our coursework literature, blog pages and YouTube videos shared, we will also be providing a reading list and video playlists for all those keen to learn more on a range of topics related to sound, healing and electro-magnetism, plus provide sources for obtaining tools in the progression of becoming a sound healer.

    In this course, you will be taught the essential theories behind sound therapy, with practical sections providing a deeper understanding of energy harnessing, energy activation and be shown direction for self-healing as well as for progression to healing others, with guidance on beneficial ways to bring more positive energies into our lives.


    “The sound bath on Wednesday was amazing. I’ve had a chronic sinus condition for the last 3 years, tried everything, nothing worked.
    I called it my allergy to tyranny. Since Wednesday it has completely healed! Completely! Still can’t believe it!”

    From Sue, a monthly sound bath attendee