High Vibez

Venues, Activities & Extras

We are pleased to be offering our guests an extended program of inclusive yoga classes and group sound sessions. With early morning & evening times, plus an extra night’s stay options, there will be even more spaces and places to enjoy the retreat, both within the grounds of Florence House and Seaford area.

High Vibez

Venues & Spaces

As well as the main studio for our immersive sound and yoga sessions, there are alternative space options for all to enjoy sounds of nature and views of the sea, to be experienced from the Florence House gardens, the beach and our multiple venue spaces:

  • Yurt 14-16 people
  • Star 16-18 people
  • Studio 18-24 people
  • Tent 20-30 people
  • Garden 30+ people
  • Beach

Our group sound rebalancing and energy alignment sessions are going to be running throughout the day, both within the Florence House main studio and in our outdoor venues. Weather permitting, the garden will be a fabulous place to take exercise sessions and our larger tent can comfortably accommodate 30+ people sitting for the evening entertainments, either with door panels on or off.


    An intimate ‘snug’ space for cosy group socials and for some of our shamanic journeying sessions.This venue is also great for one-on-one Reiki and small group sound immersion and tuning therapies. Limited spaces.


    A fantastic ‘airy’ venue to shelter from the sun, to gather for musical daytime chill and immersive sound sessions. For sunrise and sunset energy harnessing, the star venue connects us to nature. Limited cover.


    Our main ‘comfort’ indoor retreat space for sound immersion and yoga. The go-to venue for sound and movement sessions showing on the main itinerary page. Busy classes will be repeated. Options available.


    A huge ‘versatile’ outdoor venue to shelter from the elements and cater for busy yoga sessions. A perfect place for the summer evening’s entertainments and social gatherings. Alternative offerings.

    Outdoor Spaces: The UK weather can be fairly unpredictable, but with four covered venues to enjoy both the best of British weather and shelter from any unforeseen weather conditions, we have multiple options and duplicated sessions to cater for all. In addition, the Florence House Gardens and Seaford’s beaches are also available for us to enjoy. 🙂 

    Day & Evening Events

    We are including  daytime and evening events which will be provided by talented local artists and performers. These events, performers and times will be confimred nearer the event date. 

    Our hosts have kindly offered us the option for guests to stay Sunday night at additional £65 per person. Room cost only. There will be a limited selection of breakfast cereals and breads available included. 

    There are local restaurants and inns providing evening meals, take-away and delivery options. Local taxi numbers can be provided.

    For those wanting to join us for all-inclusive food & drinks at a local Italian restaurant, please let us know ASAP, to provide numbers for the restaurant and share meal & food inclusive cost. 🙂

    Alternative Itinerary

    Main Itinerary sound and yoga sessions will be available from the main Studio. An Alternative Itinerary will be utilising the other venue spaces and popular classes will be repeated in the other alternative venues over the weekend. There will be plenty of yoga and sound sessions at the retreat and everyone will have an opportunity to try the many sessions on offer.

    Availabilty consdierations: Please be mindful that spaces will be linited for some venues and we ask guests to consider alternative yoga sessions, sound and mindfulness experiences to allow for space. For those wishing to take ‘duplicate’ sessions – please allow spaces to be allocated first to those who are tying sessions for the first time. 🙂

    Guest performance – Friday

    Geoff Robb, winner of the Brighton Fringe Live Music Award, will be performing a set of magical storytelling and virtuoso guitar music. A master of the acoustic guitar with an intricate, richly harmonic style, Geoff has performed to audiences across the UK and beyond, at venues ranging from Buckingham Palace and The House of Commons to the Glastonbury Festival.

    Inspired by the wonder of the natural world, ‘The Music of Trees’ weaves together tales of our woodland folklore, with a suite of original compositions written in the woodlands of Sussex featuring Geoff’s signature blend of classical, jazz, Celtic and Spanish influences.

    Entertainment – Saturday

    Disco Yoga® is not only the hottest fitness craze in town, it’s the most glamorous and fun way to bend and stretch!  Don your sequins and spandex if you fancy and pile on the glitter until you sparkle like a mirror ball…

    This festival crew will create a fun session of Disco and Yoga blended fun and movement to compliment a well-earned mocktail (or cocktails if desired).

    Check out the other festivals and events Disco Yoga play at throughout the summer – link here.