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Upcoming Soundbaths

Cathy uses a variety of instruments to relax and heal the system, release tension and open blocked energy channels, clear stuck energies and raise vibrations. These soundbaths cultivate calm within the mind and body.

High Vibez

Foundations of Sound @ The Space

Join us at this beautiful venue for an hour of blissful sounds to regroup on a Friday or soothe on a Sunday afternoon. Located just five five-minute walk from Clapham Common tube station, this venue has a calming feel from the moment you walk through the door. These sound baths are curated to run independently and also to complement our workshop sessions. The Foundation of Sound workshop series will be running throughout 2024 with regular immersive sound bath meditations scheduled for the year ahead. All workshop dates not currently listed here, will be announced on Instagram and in the quarterly Newsletters. Additional Sunday sound baths and workshop sessions can be found under the workshops menu shown at the top of this page.

For all those interested in joining our introductory workshops, energy harnessing workshops, or will be seeking to embark on a certified practitioners training program, places will be limited. To find out more information on the 2024 Foundation workshop series and reserve spaces, please visit the workshop section on our website or email us directly. To secure spaces for our next Foundations of Sound Bath Fridays session, please click the booking link below.

This sound bath is an immersive sound healing and meditation session to compliment our workshops. For all those interested in joining us on the next workshop, please click the link below to check availability. For information about all future workshops and events, please contact us directly using ‘Contact Us ‘ from the main menu section above.

The Details

31st May and 28th June – 6.30pm 1hr (arrive 6.15pm)
The Space, Unit 3B, 9 Park Hill Clapham

    Candlelit Soundbath Meditation

    Come and join us at this enchanting candlelit sound bath meditation which offers you the chance to relax and heal the mind, release tension, open blocked energy channels, and generate new vibrational frequencies. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to take the new year by storm!

    This session is set within 1k candles and offers a magical space to relax, revive and renew. Experience the powerful revitalising effects of sound bath therapy and meditation to reset your mind and body.

    A sound bath is an immersive sound healing session and meditation. It’s called a ‘bath’ because it uses sound waves to ‘wash’ over you to relax, reset and rejuvenate your body and mind. Cathy will guide you through this transformational journey under the calming light of hundreds of candles. Join us to release that which no longer serves you, cultivate new energies and vibrations, and become infused with positivity and serenity.

    For next dates released, more information and to check availability, please click the ‘Book Now’ link below.

    To enquire about adding name(s) to a waiting list, please email: cathy@highvibez.co.uk


    Monthly Sound Bath – Revive

    Whether we hear it or not, everything around us, including ourselves, is vibrating at a frequency. If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that our physical bodies respond to vibrational frequency, we hear a sound not only through our ears but also through every cell in our being. The adult body is 75% water, and water is a great conductor for sound vibration. When vibrations travel through the body, they promote circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation. The frequency of the sound synchronizes with the brainwaves and activates destressing responses in the body.

    During a sound healing session, we use sound vibrations to relax your mind and body. To heal is to make sound; just think about how a favourite song can lift your mood. Sound can shift frequencies from low energy of guilt and fear to higher vibrations of love and joy. Sound healing can help you clear energetic blockages facilitating healing on a physical and mental level.

    Some of the benefits of sound therapy include:

    • lower stress levels
    • fewer mood swings
    • lower blood pressure
    • lower cholesterol
    • improved sleep
    • improves performance at work

    Over the years, sound healing has also been used to treat several conditions, including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, and dementia. 

    Upcoming Dates     

    2024 South baths at Revive happening the last Sunday of every month.

    Book below.

    Hatha Flow Yoga & Sound Bath

    Join us for our Hatha Vinyasa Flow & Sound Bath on Wednesday 8th of May.

    – 50 mins Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga

    – 40 mins Sound Bath

    Through movement we connect body and mind, and cultivate that dreamy “I deserve this lie down” feeling you get at the end of a class. In that state, we are primed to embrace the therapeutic sound and it is easy to allow the vibrations to lead you to profound states of tranquillity and peace.

    As we come into Spring we often find a renewed energy. Hannah will lead you through an arm and core strengthening flow. This fluid sequence with playful transitions will build up a sweat, as you lose yourself in the meditative flow. Cathy will then invite you to set a joyful intention for this new season and bathe you in good vibrations to release stuck energy and help settle this new intention deep into your body and mind.

    This integrated session will leave you feeling relaxed, connected and revitalised.

    Yoga will be led by Hannah Pocket @hannahpocketyoga Sound will be led by Cathy Henderson @high.vibez.tribe

      The Details

      10th July – 7:15-8:45 pm

      Trinity St Mary’s Primary School, 6 Balham Park Rd, London, SW12 8DR

      (Please arrive at 7:10 pm)

      Monthly Sound Bath – Balham

      Join us on the last Wednesday of each month for a deeply restorative sonic sound experience. Located in the Balham Spiritualist Church, this community provides a welcoming safe space to rest and recharge.

        During a sound bath session, the power of sound vibrations is harnessed to bring deep relaxation to both the mind and body. Sound healing serves as a conduit for clearing energetic blockages, paving the way for healing to take place on physical and mental planes. Through the harmonious interplay of resonant tones and soothing vibrations, sound baths provide a transformative experience that nurtures holistic well-being.

        Arrive at 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start.


        I don’t think I could have got through the pandemic without Cathy’s amazing, inspirational and super fun yoga classes. At a time when the world seemed to be falling apart, Cathy was a beacon of light and kindness and warmth and strength. She built us into a friendly welcoming weekly community on Zoom and I felt so lucky to practise with her and with the other great women she knows. Cathy’s teaching is a wonderful combination of giving us all the classic yoga poses we know and love but also reinvigorating our approach to them with creativity and high energy. She encourages you to work hard and enjoy yourself – I love her style of teaching and can’t wait to try out her new classes at High Vibez.

        Judith: Publisher and Practitioner