High Vibez

Revitalising Retreats

Harmonious High Vibez retreats –  a sanctuary for rejuvenation and wellness. Blending holistic practices with serene environments, our guests experience transformative health benefits through yoga, meditation, and nutritious meals. Nestled in tranquil locations, these retreats provide a perfect escape for all those seeking balance, inner calm and vitality – fostering physical and mental well-being in harmony with nature.

Amidst a constant modern-day living experience of connectivity and high stress, cultivating space for relaxation is crucial for mental and physical well-being. Retreats offer us a calm environment away from the relentless pace of life, providing a much-needed pause for nurture, reflection and rejuvenation.

Our retreats allow individuals to disconnect from distractions, fostering mindfulness and self-awareness. A break from routine helps reduce stress, lower anxiety levels, and improve overall mood. It also enhances creativity and problem-solving abilities by providing a fresh perspective. Engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation, and nature walks during retreats promotes relaxation and a deeper connection with oneself. Ultimately, retreats facilitate a holistic recharge, empowering individuals to return to their daily lives with renewed energy, clarity, and a balanced outlook.

The High Vibez team, always puts in the extra energy to create the best environments for our guests to enjoy and achieve the best results possible.

High Vibez Offerings

Cathy, the High Vibez founder, perfectly understands the need to make retreats fun and exciting for better raising the energy vibration levels. Our retreats always seek to find the right balance between the soft and the strong forces, the male and female principles which all relate to the harmonious workings of the mind, body and nervous system. This is the High Vibez way!

In addition to the many organised classes provided at the retreats, we offer socialising opportunities, excursions and other group activities, plus cater for one-on-one treatments, whilst also respecting an individual’s needs for personal space and quiet time. Listed below are just some of the great things you’ll find on our retreats:

  • Yoga: Yin, Restorative, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa, Rocket & Power Yoga
  • Mindfulness: Breath focus, affirmations
  • Qi Gong energy harnessing
  • Sound immersion relaxation
  • Sound healing therapies
  • General fitness: Stretching, swimming and walking
  • Breath training for greater vitality and lung health
  • Emotional release for anxiety and improved sleep

For more information on current and upcoming retreats, check our retreats pages from the drop-down link above, connect to us on Instagram or sign up for our mailing list and quarterly newsletters by emailing the High Vibez team: cathy@highvibez.co.uk


Cathy holds a safe, non-judgmental space for everyone where you can recharge your mind, body & soul. She is very welcoming and makes you feel completely at ease in her class with lots of adjustments & care. She is one of those teachers that, when you find her, you will stick with her forever. I’m so grateful for our roads crossing & for the future to explore more spiritual experiences with Cathy, Her personal brilliance shines through her work.

Zsofia: Yoga teacher and Crystal vibrational healer