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The High Vibez approach to healing is an integrated one, when we look at someone’s overall wellbeing with a more holistic approach, this can give us better and more longer terms results.

Ultimately the goal for all healing—physical, mental and spiritual—is empowerment, so it is important to address not only the obvious surface-level elements, but also the deep-rooted issues and recognise what may be occurring at a more psyche level.

That’s why we start with a consultation to discuss what’s going on for you, and what challenges and dis-ease you are feeling in your life. Following this conversation, we will create a bespoke programme and recommendation around the modalities that will best serve you at this time, and we will discuss ways in which we can work together moving forward.

Yoga and Movement

To move your body is to soothe your soul. I offer yoga sessions on a one-to-one or group basis.

The type of yoga and movement practices that I offer, is completely inclusive and accommodate all levels of practitioner. The focus for the classes is to offer easy access to movement, which is fun and an inspiring experience, which will leave you feeling energised and rejuvenated and will help to put a spring back in your step!

What to expect:

No matter what level of practitioner you are or if you have never done yoga before, I will work with you to show you ways to move your body in an efficient way to find ease and comfort in the movement. Together we will consider and work through challenges in your body in order to release any tension in your system that is limiting this movement, creating more ease and capability in movement.

Akashic Alignment Reading

The Sanskrit meaning of the work Akashic is ethers or ‘that which holds all’. This ‘database’ of information transcends all realms and dimensions and can be thought of as a massive library of information. The Akashic Records is the realm in which everything that has ever happened and ever will happen is recorded.

Working with the Akashic records helps us to identify the unchanging core of our own selves and help us understand and eventually confront the fears, energetic blocks and patterns we carry through from childhood and even past lifetimes. They help us understand and identify patterns that no longer suit us or the reasons we continue to attract certain types of situations and people in our lives over and over again. Based on this deep understanding, we can initiate changes to start afresh making new and better choices, which are more aligned to our true nature and our soul purpose in this lifetime.

What to expect:

The reading lasts for 75 minutes during which I will give you information about your soul blueprint and identity coupled with information about any past lives and your future potential, every action and reaction, your life lessons, your gifts, your blocks and wounds, and the medicine needed to step into your fullest expression in this lifetime.

Healing with the Breath (Conscious Breath Work)

aWe breathe around 27,000 breaths a day and most of them are an unconscious reaction to an innate need. There are so many reasons why conscious breathing an amazing healing tool is. There are numerous books and studies around the healing power of the breath, but like anything, the diaphragm which facilitates our breath is a muscle and therefore we need to exercise it just as we do other parts of our body. By focusing on our breath and harnessing different techniques we are able to shift dis-ease in our system and enable ourselves to live a fuller, happier more energised life.

What to expect:

There are lots of breath practices that affect different parts of our system, we will work together to find the practices that soothe and cultivate calm you, help relieve tension and anxiety and ultimately leave you feeling fabulous.

Sound Healing/Bathing

Sound helps us to reach deep states of relaxation which is like a re-set switch for our bodies and minds. It turns off harmful chemical reactions and strengthens the immune system.

A sound bath can cleanse you down to a cellular level, exactly the same way a physical soak in the bath cleanses the body. The harmonic vibrations stimulate alpha and theta brain waves that make deep healing possible. The heart rate and respiratory system slow down, the blood pressure drops to relaxed levels, and stress can be released completely. People with chronic illnesses and pain can benefit greatly from regular sound baths.

What to expect:

In sessions, I begin with gentle restorative style yoga to open and ease the body. Following this, I use a variety of instruments, including Tibetan and Crystal bowls to relax and heal the system, Tuning forks to release tension and open blocked energy channels, Shamanic Drumming to clear stuck energies and to raise vibrations, along with other percussion sounds and my voice – the most healing vibration of all.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique. The predominant form of reiki practiced throughout the world today, also known as Usui reiki, was created by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. It’s a complementary or alternative health approach. Reiki therapy is based on an Eastern belief that vital energy flows through your body. During the therapy, we use a gentle touch to help guide this energy in a way that promotes balance and healing.

What to expect:

During a session, I will gently move my hands above or close to your body in a series of positions. Each hand position focuses on a different part of the body — including the head, shoulders, stomach, and feet, depending on your needs. I am often guided to focus on particular areas based on feedback from your body and areas where the body’s energy feels out of balance and in need of realignment.


I just want to thank Cathy for all she has done for my body spirit and soul in the years I have been one of her very lucky clients! Her Energy passion and knowledge is simply the best. I always feel like I have been on a wonderful journey whilst in her care and only ever feel absolutely brilliant after her sessions and classes!

Jacqui: Lifestyle guru