High Vibez

Upcoming Classes

Cathy‘s approach to teaching harnesses the High Vibez principals, and classes are inclusive and open to all levels of ability and practice. These classes and events will help to put a spring back in your step!

High Vibez

Weekly Classes

Cathy teaches on a regular weekly basis at a number of studios in the Southwest London area. Her classes are a mixture of Power, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin styles of practices. She also runs regular workshops and has regular retreats for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – see latest details here. The focus for the classes is to offer easy access to movement and other modalities, that are fun and an inspiring experience, to leave you feeling energised.

Yoga at More-Yoga

Monday – 7.30am Vinyasa Flow – Balham

Thursday – 12.30pm Tune Up Flow – Balham

Friday – 7.30am Morning Flow – Brixton

Yoga at Revive

Wednesday – Yoga/Barre Fusion 7am

Thursday – Vinyasa Flow 5.45pm

Thursday – Yoga/Barre & Sculpt 7pm

Yoga/Barre Fusion

Feel a little more burn than usual as you bring body-conditioning elements of barre into to your warming yoga flow. With specially designed exercises to build strength, you will work your core, glutes, arms, and whole body through the yoga sequences blending the benefits of both Yoga and Barre. Building mobility, flexibility, balance, and muscle tone, stretching it all out and calming the mind.

This varied, challenging, and fun class is designed to give you a good workout and leave you feeling invigorated and energised yet grounded. All levels are welcome, but remember that this can be a strong class. No ballet experience is required.


I don’t think I could have got through the pandemic without Cathy’s amazing, inspirational and super fun yoga classes. At a time when the world seemed to be falling apart, Cathy was a beacon of light and kindness and warmth and strength. She built us into a friendly welcoming weekly community on Zoom and I felt so lucky to practise with her and with the other great women she knows. Cathy’s teaching is a wonderful combination of giving us all the classic yoga poses we know and love but also reinvigorating our approach to them with creativity and high energy. She encourages you to work hard and enjoy yourself – I love her style of teaching and can’t wait to try out her new classes at High Vibez.

Judith: Publisher and Practitioner