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NEXT: Friday 28th June

Step into our Balham sanctuary of holistic healing where ancient Himalayan sound therapies, crystal frequency entrainment, Reiki, and resonant Chakra tuning techniques converge. Our clinic offers a serene haven for those seeking alternative pathways to wellness. Experience the harmony of mind, body, and spirit in a space crafted for rejuvenation and balance.

High Vibez

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The therapies available at the clinic include:

• Sonic Crystal Relaxation & Attunement
• Chakra Relaxation
• Chakra Rebalancing
• Chakra Voice Toning
• Shamanic Journeying
• Tibetan Energy Balancing
• Gong Energy Shifting
• Reiki Energy Healing
• Vibrational Tuning & Alignment

Our system rebalancing and energy alignment sessions use both intuitive practices and precision-tuned sound equipment of various crystals and metals. These tools resonate at frequencies which help align the endocrine and central nervous system.

By clearing sticky energy lines, freeing emotional blockages and aligning the body with mind, the techniques applied can be both relaxing and energising. Some of the equipment used:

• Tibetan chakra bowls
• Tibetan Om bowls
• Crystal chakra bowls
• Crystal directional cups
• Tuning forks
• Gongs
• Shamanic drums

One-On-One Sessions

Our private sessions can be a combination of sound-only or hands-on treatments and will be running hourly from 10 am until 7 pm. To secure a preferred time slot, sessions should be booked in advance with a deposit. Cash payments are preferred for treatments and can be paid directly to the therapists when arriving at the clinic.

Group sessions

We’ll be running a series of small group sessions for those wanting to try different techniques in shorter timeframes or longer times for fuller sound immersion. These sessions can be 20-90 minutes in duration and are great for bringing partners and friends along. The 20-minute walk-in sound sessions are also a great way to try sound immersion for the first time or take a short break in a busy day to relax and revitalise.

We aim to cover a multitude of different needs and requirements for energy healing and all we ask is that those seeking therapies of this nature, be aware of our terms, including cancellation policy and liability waiver.

Holistic Therapies

Stress is the number one cause of disease, and the primary benefit of sound & energy therapies is its ability to provide stress relief for the prevention of disease. Our sound and energy therapists have years of experience within a range of holistic fields centred around movement, mindfulness and meditation.

Through a deeper understanding and connection to the body, our healing therapists can aid clients’ health by focusing on removing energy blockages to release tensions we hold in our bodies, healing old patterns, bringing new possibilities to light and relief from discomfort.

Please speak to the therapist directly about particular areas for treatment and if longer, shorter or additional sessions are required. Sessions are tailored to the individual’s requirements by prior arrangement following a complimentary 15-minute consultation phone call.

Booking Enquiries

As all will understand from energy healing, the process of healing begins when the person seeking relief engages with the practitioner. From the first conversation, through to consultation and arrangements being made about a suitable time and place, there is an energy exchange where the time and actions of the therapist are included within the value of the treatment. We humbly ask that all seeking therapies, respect the implications of missing an appointment and request everyone first read and agree to the contractual terms, which can be downloaded from the link below.

We are based SW in Balham, London. We can travel to you and agree a more convenient location for your therapy with all considerations covered in a free 15-minute consultation. For the best way to try our offerings, our High Vibez @ Revive clinics are run monthly at the following locations.

Revive Balham: 45 Balham High Road, SW12 9AN
Revive Tooting: 249 Balham High Road, SW17 7BE

A selection of the next dates and times to choose from, can be found in the link below. When selecting suitable times, please ensure to include a contact number, the best time to call and the types of therapies you will be interested in. 

For more information on our Balham clinics, personal location requests for one-to-ones or to request a callback before reserving a space, please email the High Vibez team: cathy@highvibez.co.uk

High Vibez

Cathy Henderson – Sound Therapy & Reiki

Deep down we all know there is something more to life. Cathy believes that we all have the power to effect change in our lives and impact those around us. She loves to work with movement, breath, sound, and intention.

“I am trained as an energy and energy movement healing coach. I use a blend of movement, breath work, meditation, reiki and sound healing to shift stuck energy for elevating vibration levels and bringing a sense of balance back into the system.”

“When I started to realise the significance of relationships with my family and people around me, and the fact that psychologically and metaphysically, trauma can be passed down through generations, I began to realise that I had control over my emotions and behaviour.

By learning how to understand experiences affecting me, I found the key to overcoming pain and blocks in my life. I have sought out and found ways to heal my mind and soothe my soul. I am now at a place in my life where I want to share what I’ve learned and help others to see and become the best versions of themselves.”


Cathy is available for 60-minute one-on-one ‘High Vibez’ energy attunement sessions, which include sonic crystal, vibrational forks, Reiki distance and hands-on healing. Email cathy@highvibez.co.uk to set up a consultation, reserve a time or book directly via a payment link.

Chris Lucy – Chakra & Energy Alignment

Chris has a love for music. Classically trained, he understands the importance of having beautiful sounds in our lives. Qualifying as a personal trainer in 2001, with studies in nutrition completed in 2015, he recognises why sound and movement are key for health.

“My inspiration for well-being practices came after experiencing nerve damage, stemming from an active life of rock climbing, mountain biking and snowboarding. Working in media, I became more observant of the toxic impact for health in colleagues and through research about my father’s disease, came a realisation of how much stress relates to poor health. This was the beginning of my awakening into self-healing & harnessing power via lifeforce energies.”

“My speciality is achieved through application of acquired knowledge – by embodying my understanding about subtle energies, movements with conscious breathing and the introduction of sound as a centering medium, for revitalisation of body and mind.

With an ongoing pursuit of truth and a quest for understanding the workings of the universe, came an alignment to harmonious frequencies found in nature. The Schumann resonance Golden ratio of Phi/Pi, Fibonacci sequences, planetary influences, dielectric forces of electromagnetism and Solfeggio frequencies, – which can all bring greater health benefits.”


Chris is available for 20-30 minutes of sound immersion for small groups or one-on-one, 30-minute chakra alignment & Reiki relaxation sessions. Includes Tibetan-powered vibrational sound instruments placed on and around the body plus Reiki distance or hands-on healing. Select preferable dates and times from the 1:1 booking link below.