High Vibez

About Cathy

Cathy is an energy movement healing coach, she uses a blend of movement, breath work, meditation, reiki and sound healing to shift stuck energy in order to raise your vibration and bring a sense of balance back into the system.

Cathy uses techniques that have helped her to evolve her way of being and which in turn have helped to change her life.

Cathy trained as a professional dancer and went on to have an international career working across the globe in shows and dance performances. Since leaving her dance career, she has worked in the frenetic, fast-paced world of advertising and learned how to manage the many pressures of corporate life through the practice of yoga, breathwork, and other healing modalities.

Cathy believes that we all have the power to effect change in our lives and to impact those around us. She loves to work with movement, breath, sound, and intention. When you focus your thoughts, words, and actions on creating more positive energy, your life will improve in ways you may believe impossible.


  • Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training course 200 hrs
  • Assistant for the Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training course 200 hrs
  • Restorative yoga certificate 35 hours
  • Yin yoga 35 hrs with Norman Blair
  • Advanced Yin yoga 35 hrs with Norman Blair
  • Anatomy and movement series for Yoga Teachers: Training with Gary Carter 2020 100 hrs
  • The Academy of Integrated Sonic Medicine: Sound healer training
  • Akashic Records healing practitioner Level 1 & 2
  • Reiki Master Teacher: Usui Holy Fire
  • Professional Dancer

My Journey

I’ve always been curious with a lot of energy and wholeheartedly pursuing things without thinking until the deed is done, which can be both a blessing and a curse. I’ve spent quite a lot of my life not quite understanding who I am and why I am here – what is my dharma and my life purpose, and sometimes having such frenetic energy and no idea how to manage myself and therefore acting in irrational erratic ways.

But deep down I knew there was something else, I knew I could help heal myself and turn pain, rejection and sadness into power, potential and positivity.

When I started to realise that what I had experienced through childhood, the relationships with my family and people around me, the lasting trauma from events and the also the fact that psychologically and metaphysically, trauma can also be passed down through generations, I began to realise that I had the control over my emotions and behaviour, and by learning to understand myself and the things that had affected me, that this was the key to overcoming the pain and blocks in my life.

Through these experiences; my ups, downs and challenges, I have become the person that I am today. I have sought out and found ways to heal my mind and soothe my soul. I am now at a place in my life where I want to share what I’ve learned and help others to see and become the best versions of themselves.

It’s not always easy navigating experiences and habitual patterning to discern what or who is the real you, and often this misunderstanding of self, but when these mental and emotional imbalances persist without being addressed, they finally manifest in the physical body as diseases or aches and pains. Learning how to calm and soothe yourself, ground your energy and cultivate a positive mindset are essential practices to creating a way of life that is filled with peace and love.


Cathy holds a safe, non-judgmental space for everyone where you can recharge your mind, body & soul. She is very welcoming and makes you feel completely at ease in her class with lots of adjustments & care. She is one of those teachers that, when you find her, you will stick with her forever. I’m so grateful for our roads crossing & for the future to explore more spiritual experiences with Cathy, Her personal brilliance shines through her work.

Zsofia: Yoga teacher and Crystal vibrational healer